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Designing a Rock Garden

We are currently working on a design to create a 40′ long and 5′ deep rock garden in Old West Nashville.  The landscape design process can be complicated, especially  when we begin to visualize a future effect of the garden over time.  When the garden grows and matures the effect can be fabulous combining the best effects of the disparate elements blending together to create a pleasing aesthetic experience.   The rock garden is an unusual dilemma, especially when the rock is not naturally occurring on the site of the future hillside garden.  For more info on Rock Gardens click here.

The first thing to consider is the placement of the rocks and stones to create a naturalistic effect.  I pay close attention to the chance formation of stone on naturally occurring hillsides to become more acquainted with the basic fractals of the non-repeating patterns of stone.  I use these impressions when I calculate how much stone we need and the basic layout.  Once the stones begin to take shape on the slope, the detail stones can be installed and the chirt loving alpine perennials and shrubs can be placed creating an interesting blend of stones, plants, and slope.  This is the best solution for a sloping hillside that has a pleasing view from the comfort of the house and/or patio or along a busy street to enhance the curb appeal for the neighborhood.