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Dining on Decks

It certainly has become hot in a hurry. I am happy and thankful for the wonderful spring that we had. The spring weather was often a bit too cool by nightfall to eat outdoors when friends came over for dinner; however, now that the days are longer and warmer, dining outdoors is a great way to spend time breaking bread with friends and family.

Last Saturday we enjoyed the evening air with a nice easy dinner party on the deck. I decided to keep the menu simple so that we could all really enjoy the evening outdoors. Grilled pork loin with a spicy fruity pineapple salsa with red peppers and red pepper flakes, cucumber salad with a creamy sour cream, and a saffron rice for even more color on the plate. Candles, place settings and matching white plastic chairs made for a wonderful dining experience.  My 11 year old loves to star gaze, so his telescope and his knowledge of the night sky was the entertainment.

The candles on the table served as a soft and illuminating light source so we could see each other laugh and smile.  I just want to share that outdoor dining can be a simple stress free experience for you, your family and friends.  It really was easy peasy to pull off. We just moved the dinner from one interior room of the house to an exterior room. We were outdoors eating good food and talking story on a wonderful deckspace that has now become another room in our home. Bon appetit!