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Pansy Garden Maintenance



When the summer annuals are finished and the time has come to take them out and the colorful sweet pansies take their place in the winter garden, I am not at all sad that summer is gone.  I love the freshness and rich tones of the many colors of pansies.   They come in almost every color and they bloom all winter long. I want to share some tips in this post that will help keep those winter pansies looking great all season long.

Pansies benefit from frequent deadheading. Deadheading is garden speak for pinching the old flowers off. Pansies will set new flower buds all winter as long as the daytime temperatures are as warm as 38F. Pinching the spent flowers off speeds the process for new flower bud formation and keeps the display fresh looking in a cold snap.

Pansies also suffer from frost heaving. Frost heaving describes the process of the soil pushing the plant out of the ground when the temperatures drop and freeze causing contraction and heaving.   At planting, make sure that the plants are set firmly in the ground. It is also important that pansy beds are well mulched to stabilize surface soil temperatures. I recommend any pine mulch product as best whether you choose straw, shredded bark or pine fines. Pine fines are also sold under the moniker of soil conditioner.  And finally, it is important to fertilize pansies with an organic or low number chemical fertilizer to make sure that your plants have the ability to produce flowers all winter and well into spring.

These simple tips will ensure your winter gardens have some pizazz with splashes of brilliant color throughout the cold drab Winter season.  Enjoy.