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Mulching in Late Winter

Mr. Teacup SnowmanTake advantage of this slow period in the landscaping industry and hire Teacup Gardener to mulch your landscape and garden beds. Late winter mulch is very well timed because it protects perennials from winter burn and frost heaving.  It   prohibits weeds from getting started in cultivated areas.  It conserves water and saves valuable weeding and watering time once the growing season is upon us.  Teacup Gardener is offering a special 15% off mulch -furnished and installed during the month of February.

We furnish and install three types of mulch.  Shredded pine, pine straw, and hardwood mulch.  We highly recommend shredded pine and pine straw over hardwood mulch.  Here are a some reasons why we suggest a pine product for mulching:

1. Shredded pine and pine straw increase the acidity of the soil as they degrade.  This is highly desirable for evergreen and flowering plants such as azaleas, laurels, and rhododendrons.

2. Pine straw is a completely renewable form of mulch as it is harvested from the forest floors.

3. Shredded pine and pine straw, because of their acidic nature do not promote fungal growth as they degrade.

4. Shredded pine and hardwood mulch are both byproducts of the construction industry.

5. Hardwood mulch is an aggregate material that is very dense and prohibits weed growth.

6. Hardwood mulch may also inhibit water and nutrient flow to the plant roots.