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Warm Up with an Outdoor Fireplace

Now that Christmas is over, and all the outdoor decorations are put away, the patio is clean to consider new and exciting ways to use it, even in the winter. Underused in the colder months, patios are valuable space that can add outdoor square footage to the home. Why not consider adding an outdoor fireplace to an existing patio to add a winter dimension to outdoor living?

This has been an especially frigid and cold winter.  I have heard that we are experiencing some of the coldest nighttime temperatures in five years. Winter is winter, but enough is enough! We need to find a way to warm up that winter air. An outdoor fireplace it just the right thing to do that. It’s perfect for heating that outdoor room that many of us refer to as a patio. Just imagine how much fun it would be to host a sledding party (if it really does snow) and warm up around that outdoor fireplace.

The added dimension of light and heat on the patio make it a destination in winter as well as spring and fall. Evenings are cool and days are shorter during those seasons and the outdoor fireplace makes the patio a desirable place to relax and enjoy family and friends.