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Pretty Green Grass

If you are interested in creating a new lawn in the spring, consider reading the following post first.  Tall Fescue is the type of lawn turf grass most prized in our area.  This is a cool season grass that stays green thru the cold temperatures of winter.  Installing Fescue Sod is the best option to create a new lawn in the spring rather than grass seed in middle Tennessee and here’s why.

The pretty green grass that you have enjoyed all winter was fescue grass seed that was sown last late summer or early fall.  It is a cool season grass.  If Tall Fescue seed is sown now, its germination rate will be less effective and it will not create a thick lush green carpet before the weather becomes extreme and the days are hot and dry.  Hot dry weather is very hard on fescue especially new young grass shoots.  Tall Fescue is a thirsty grass in the summer too, so that you will need to keep it well watered.

If your desire is for that beautiful lawn now, it makes sense to spend a little more money and lay fescue sod.  The new sod will need to be watered daily for the first two to three weeks for the root system to become established and for the sod squares to meld. The look will be instant and consistent since there is no need to reseed where it did not germinate.  Tall fescue performs best when cut between 2.5″ to 3″ tall and cut weekly.  And now you can enjoy your lawn.