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Nellie R. Steven’s Holly Tree

Nelly R Stevens Hollies Flanking the Front Door

The Nellie R. Steven’s holly is a large, evergreen shrub also considered a small tree that grows to be about twenty feet tall and fifteen feet wide. It is a hardy plant  that can thrive in most climates. Nellie R. Stevens are full of thick, dark-green foliage that maintains its dark coloring all year round. They require very little maintenance and are usually resistant to pest damage. A Nellie R. Stevens should be planted in areas where it will receive full sun or partial shade. They prefer acidic soil, but the Nellie R. Stevens are adaptable and can manage in most soils.

The Nellie R. Stevens will develop a dense conical shape that is difficult to see through. For this reason, the evergreen is often used in privacy green walls to block prying eyes from the neighbors into your gardens and to prevent you from doing the same. They also perform well as a low maintenance foundation planting for the house.  They look great planted solo or a grouped to create a dense privacy or as an evergreen architectural effect in the gardens.

Nellie R. Stevens is a holly that produces bright red berries later in the year from little white blossoms. The red berries on an evergreen cutting from this holly tree perfect decorations for the Christmas season. This holly will need to be watered regularly during its first eighteen months in the ground in order to ensure that it grows a strong root structure.  The Nelly R. Stevens holly will grow as much as three feet a year with irrigation and one foot without irrigation. 

We use these well performing large shrubs in almost all of our designs because it is a stellar player in the garden and it thrives in our mid-south climate.  Don’t get caught with your plants down.  Early Winter into the early spring is the best time to plant large shrubs and trees.  Enjoy.