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Pleasures of Patios

A patio is wonderful place to spend quality time at home with your family and friends. A covered porch offers that same quality of life experience and creates a nice outdoor environment even when its raining. It’s a great place to relax and take in the sights and sounds of your outdoors.
The other day it was raining really hard. I stepped outside to clear my head and rediscovered the sanctuary that is my front covered porch. The area was well protected from the rain and I made myself comfortable and took note of the front landscape and garden soaking up the precious water.
Fortunately for me, I interrupted a gathering of mocking birds, and once my quiet presence established itself, they continued on their happy chirpy ways. The mocking birds were feasting on the berries in my front garden. Even though it was raining, the birds knew the berries were too precious to waste. Holly, Mahonia, and Juniper were ripe and ready and the evergreen leaves would keep the water from their feathers.
It was breathtaking. There must have been five of them–I figure four young birds and a mother.They were almost all the same size, but most were still covered with downy feathers.
I felt so close to home, I could have been anywhere and everywhere, in the middle of the woods or in the middle of the city. A patio or covered porch can provide so many things a family needs; enjoying the fresh air, collecting your thoughts, bird watching, or whatever. It’s the space needed to allow a family to grow confident, comfortable, and environmentally aware.