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Ponds & Water Features

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Relaxed Outdoor Living

The design process for water features is a little bit different depending on what kind of feature you envision for your outdoor living spaces.  Are you looking for a backyard koi pond or water garden or do you prefer a stand alone patio backyard waterfall or a garden water fountain integrated with your swimming pool?  We can create an outdoor water feature fish pond or garden water fountain that satisfies your specific requirements.  We have 10 years of experience in pond installation and patio water feature construction.

A wide selection of possible ideas for garden ponds and water fountains for the relaxed outdoor living spaces is available with our custom design and construction services.    We can offer to combine other natural elements such as copper or bamboo with your garden fountain or integrate a water wall or wall fountain as another great way to create a unique and special experience at your backyard oasis.  We can also design and create a natural chlorine free swimming pool that utilizes plants and stones as an all-natural filtering process integrated with a water garden or natural waterfall.

Whatever you desire, our indoor and outdoor water creations can be as natural to your living spaces as the furnishings and plants and trees that surround you!  We work hard to create an environment for relaxation and leisure.

Not only are we expert with designing and installing these wonderful outdoor water fountains and fish ponds but we are also great at maintaining them and repairing them, if needed.  You will find Teacup Gardener to be your premier water gardener!

Koi Pond in East Nashville

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