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Quality Landscape Maintenance Services

Creating Lasting Impressions


Teacup Gardener has been providing the Nashville area exceptional residential landscape maintenance services since 1990.  Lawn and Landscape maintenance was, and still is, the foundation of our company.

We specialize in personalized maintenance programs, including:

Complete Grounds Maintenance

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Perennial & Seasonal Flower Installation

Lawn and Shrub Fertilization

Lawn Mowing & Aeration

Aquatic & Pond Services

Aesthetic & Structural Pruning

General Landscape Cleanup


Relaxed Outdoor Living

Teacup Gardener offers a guaranteed manicured landscape for your home and business.  We provide weekly, monthly, seasonal, and yearly service packages to maintain your lawn and gardens as you wish.  We specialize in lawn and garden maintenance creating relaxed outdoor living spaces for family, entertaining, meditation, weddings, bar mitzvahs or any other outdoor event or function you are planning.

Canna Lilies by Teacup Gardener

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