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Design & Consultation

Landscape Design Consultation

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Landscape Design

Teacup Gardener will convert your landscape into a work of art. Our landscape and garden design and our ideas are directly reflected by your input and your ideas and vision.  We will work with you, incorporating the features you desire within your budget. Options and alternatives will be discussed, including removal of existing plantings and structures, new plantings, irrigation, etc. 20 years of experience and talent produce exceptional results.

Landscape Renovation

If you have an existing landscape which is no longer serving its purpose or just looks “dated,” a landscape designer at Teacup Gardener will redesign it, incorporating as much of the existing material as possible, while creating a new environment with new fresh landscape ideas and if you like, a pond design to create a dynamic element into the new garden design.  Sometimes a face-lift is all that is needed to restore function and beauty to an area that is no longer attractive.  A new deck or patio design creates a new invitation to venture outdoors.  A fresh new vision loaded with contemporary landscape ideas and concepts can make a world of difference in your front yard curb appeal and your backyard landscaping.

Bridge over a Waterfall by Teacup Gardener

Landscapes so beautiful you may choose to live outdoors!

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