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I would love to thank Robert and Beth for the exceptional landscaping work they have done. From the beginning, Robert has had a vision to blend the house with  plantings seamlessly blending with the surrounding forest. We wanted a bird friendly yard and his creation of two pondless water features have provided a source of running water for the birds throughout the winter. The backyard feature looks like a natural spring coming out of the hillside. Beth has been a miracle working with the garden with varietals that have flourished throughout the summer. The flowers have bloomed continuously. The crowning glory is our 120 foot pond. The previous owner had wanted a pond but it wouldn’t hold water. Robert sculpted an area complete with planting and spawning beds. A 3 piece liner was placed and the pond has been full all summer. His creation of a  15000 gal/hr waterfall looks like a wooded stream flowing into the pond. The birds love it. It is a beautiful relaxing place to spend our evenings- stocked with bluegill and bass. We had our first bass fry noted yesterday. Cant wait to see what birds turn up in the fall. Thank you!

-Tom and Kimi Dove -August 17, 2015

Robert’s passion infuses every aspect Teacup Gardener. He’s completely conscientiousness and dedicated, not to mention extremely talented. His work is beautiful!

-Linda Bryant with  Writer/owner, Bryant Editorial & Consulting -August 22, 2011

Beth and the Teacup Gardener staff have done work for me on several occasions and the results have been great. We have progressed to the point that I can just call and say I want a particular job done and I can trust them to do it without any supervision from me. I trust their judgement.

-Bob Mills with Nashville Nursery -August 10, 2011

In addition to doing prompt and reliable work, what I really appreciated about Robert was his in-depth knowledge of botany. Anyone can dig a hole and stick a tree in it, but Robert’s understanding of the science underlying his gardening services helps make sure that the right choices are made and that the work is done in ther right way. Robert’s intelligence separates him from the pack.

-Bryan Pieper with Descher Heller Pieper Martin, P.C. -August 10, 2011

Paver Walkway by Teacup Gardener

What I enjoy most about Beth is her ability to talk about the important things I need to consider about my garden, lawn, and projects in a way that is both educational and practical.   She tends to client relationships just like she tends to gardens–with care and consistency

-Staeven Frey MFA with Quantum CMG -August 10, 2011

What a great job Robert and his crew did in our back yard. It was a relatively small yard on a rather steep incline. The placement of a retaining wall allowed them to level off the yard and make it much more inviting and easy to maintain. We look forward to this summer when we can enjoy the warm weather in our beautiful new back yard. Thanks for a job well done.

-Jim Johnson -February 22, 2011

Beth O’Leary and the Teacup Gardener built a fence for my front yard to help keep my 3 dogs safe. Her crew was respectful of the property and did not leave trash behind. The fence is beautiful and when there was a slight problem, they were quick to resolve it. I would hire Teacup Gardener for any hardscape or landscape projects.

-Judy Lyon -August 10, 2011

Robert has an eye for design and problem-solving. He is easy to work with and knows a lot about his chosen field, so to speak. He inspires the same in his customers. Trying to get a landscape project done in the rainiest October in Nashville history was a challenge, but he was persistent and got the job done. I know I can depend upon him for future projects and would encourage you to give him a try.

-Chip Nuttall -November 20, 2009

Beth has a great knowledge of plants, is a creative designer, and works well with her customers.

-Bryan Shelton Nashville Nursery -July 13, 2010

Robert and Teacup Gardeners are amazing. We have a crazy back yard that is mostly a hill running down to our house. Robert and team helped us to create a short and long term plan for landscaping and water erosion control. Over the past 4 years we have executed our landscaping projects according the master plan and couldn’t be happier. We now have a few ideally placed retaining walls, flower gardens, vegetable garden and beautiful bushes and landscaping. They really helped us figure out which plants to put where for to optimize the sunlight and soil. Previously, we had a hard time getting anything to grow and stay looking nice in the back yard and now it looks like we have green thumbs and are experts. We especially loved the low pressure sales from Robert who always helped to keep our budget in mind and never pushed for more work than we needed or could afford at any given time. My wife and I highly recommend working with Robert and Teacup Gardener for all your landscaping and retaining wall needs

-Jeff Johnson -November 13, 2009

Teacup Gardener (Robert and his team) are the epitome of a true quality “service” company. The beautiful landscaping Robert provided at my home was stunning and we loved the results. His recent project at my home building a retainer wall and drainage system looks awesome as well.  Robert runs his company with integrity and class and you know his word is gold. He kept me up to date on their work schedule (totally disrupted by constant rain) and they worked hard to complete my project in a timely manner. His groundsmen are polite and show great attention to detail.  It’s nice to know the work will be done expertly when they say it will be done and that the cost is fair.  Lastly, a bonus is how nice Robert is to work with- he explains every detail, he’s accessible and he is just a very nice person.

-Cindy Hazen -November 12, 2009

Robert and Teacup Gardener did a large project for our residence (front and back landscaping, hard and soft) and did a great job. Robert is very accommodating and very creative. He follows up and if something was not to our liking, re-did the work.

-Stew Ross -November 12, 2009

Patio Koi Pond

Robert has a capacity for vision I have not seen from others. Our landscaping and terrain were challenged and Robert had creative options that were sensitive to our time and budget as well as blending with the terrain to look natural and consistent. His ideas are beyond the normal beds and bushes. He was also patient in answering questions and flexible on pace to meet our timing and needs. We are doing our work in steps over time, and I will call Robert back for the next steps without hesitation. Working with him on our project has been a pleasure.

-Rob Fair -November 12, 2009

Teacup Gardener, Beth O’Leary and her partner Robert Edwards took an extremely unsightly yard/house and made it into a home of beauty. Beth’s knowledge of horticulture continues to amaze me. They not only do excellent work with gardens, but also with outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, fish ponds, attractive patios and walkways. I’d recommend Beth and Robert for any landscape job. They are the experts that you can count on!

-Liz Davis -November 17, 2009

Robert and his company completed a job in Brentwood for a client of mine that I feel is one of the hardest people to please. Robert made me the biggest hero!! I recommend Robert to anyone that wants a guy that works well with everyone along with making you look good!!!

-Joy Lamberson McNaughten -February 27, 2009

If businesses are like people, and known by the friends that they keep, then Teacup Gardener is a company to be proud of. Beth pays attention to detail with great empathy as she sells her services. She also has the ability to form a bond with the client so they feel especially comfortable using Teacup’s service. If you want to impress your customers with your selection of friends then refer Beth at Teacup Gardeners

– Walter Rumble CEO Community Tree, LLC -February 27, 2009

Robert is “always” available by telephone. One customer recently called me back to thank me for referring Robert. Robert’s polite manner and low-pressure sales techniques set him apart from others. If you want someone that you can trust, and that is appreciative of you and your referral then call Robert with Teacup Gardeners.

– Walter Rumble CEO Community Tree, LLC – February 27, 2009

Beth and her firm designed the perfect backyard retreat for our model home to showcase outdoor living to our client’s. She did a great job conceptualizing my thoughts into her design. I would recommend Beth and her firm to all my clients and peers.

– Anne McKnight, Westview Homes -February 25, 2009

Great company – highly professional and reliable. Robert is a great communicator with solid business ethics.

– Steve Curnutte -February 25, 2009

Brick Paver Patio

Beth and her team did a great job from layout and design to installation. She was very helpful in choosing the correct type bush and tree mix to help create the landscape we were looking for. Also, we had one of the trees die and she stood by her guarantee and promptly replaced the tree at no cost. Thanks!

– Mark Robinson, Assumption Catholic Church -February 25, 2009

Robert is an effective creative thinker, he and his staff, they think, they plan they execute, and then they follow up and celebrate the beautiful garden they have developed. Robert does not seek to gain what he wants in one fell swoop, he plans the design, he discuses the vision, and he shares the outcome. One of the most important qualities about Robert is openness, Robert takes in the clients ideas and molds those ideas with his own, the end result is a garden that is functional and the client owns, they nurture, they showoff. I have been a client of Teacup for many years; I strayed a few years ago and tried another “landscaper”. I never received the quality or the quality during my brief change; I never was given a vision to be part of the team doing the designing. So after a short time away I re hired Teacup to continue to grow my vision for a special place to live, to enjoy, to laugh and to pray. Thank you Robert and Beth for helping fill those dreams and doing it with professionalism, concern for results and costs, and with such great enthusiasm.
Judith Permanent Client and Friend

– Judith Barrom -February 25, 2009

Beth has been both a personal and business acquaintenance for a number of years. As a property manager, she & her company have made me look very good to my client. She has the ability to handle any size project at what ever level service is requested by the client. She gets things done on time and under budget!

– Gene Robinson, Bryan Ward and Elmore -February 25, 2009

Robert has done severial jobs for us (Higher Ground Builders), He is the only landscaper I call. I know I’m getting good service and product for a fair price. He has always gone the extra mile for us. John

– John Cadwallader, Higher Ground Builders General Contractor -February 25, 2009

Beth did a great job for me in a timely manner. She and her crew were professional, competent, and a pleasure to work with.

– Allison Thompson -October 17, 2008

Patio Garden by Teacup Gardener

Robert has done numerous jobs for us and we have been pleased every one of them. He listens attentively and asks pertinent questions to ensure that no detail is missed in taking a design concept to reality. With Robert’s experience he can tell if there will be issues with the design in the long run and make helpful suggestions to ensure no problems. The designs are creative and they always surpass our expectations. I highly recommend Robert!

– Kevin Sumner -September 19, 2008

I have had Teacup Gardener work on my yard to create landscaping and irrigation solutions. The work was excellent.

– Bryan De Cuir -September 10, 2008

On the projects Robert has installed the Clients have been impressed wtih his attention to detail, use of quality materials, and knowledge of the plant species. I highly recommend him to anyone wishing to install a high quality project the first time through. Where many contractors must return to a project to make adjustments where corners where cut Robert will install the product correctly the first time and will provide the Client with the level of service they deserve.”

– Brian Wray, CumberLand Land Design -September 9, 2008

Robert Edwards and Beth O’Leary, the Teacup Gardener(s), provide outstanding landscaping and gardening services, including paver work and more. Highly creative, personable and versatile. Robert and Beth are real people who forge lasting business relationships. Robert developed and executed our landscaping plan which includes plantings, irrigation, pavers and soon a water feature. The new landscape and planting really tie the grounds together.. I highly recommend Robert and Beth.

– Rick Blair -August 17, 2008

We have used Teacup Gardeners for all types of work from routine lawn care to landscaping and hardscaping work and each time have been very pleased with the results. We will continue to use them in the future for all our landscaping needs. Very knowledgable and great at listening to your needs and making suggestions to meet them. Would highly recommend.

– Rebecca Williams -August 12, 2008

The Teacup Gardener, Robert Edwards and his partner Beth O’Leary, have absolutely created a year round paradise in our backyard.  Breath-taking landscaping with beautiful seasonal displays of colors bring an added richness to our outdoor living experience.  All this surrounds our beautiful Koi pond, which the Teacup Gardener also created.  With its actual Kentucky river rock and expansive waterfall it looks as if it has always flowed in this place.  This isn’t just another landscaping job but an artwork in the making.  Robert’s and Beth’s attention to detail, their willingness to listen to their clients needs and then custom design to fulfill those desires are truly an amazing gift.  Never short on customer service they will go above and beyond to make sure you have the perfect backyard retreat.

– Steve Miller -August 15, 2008

Robert has worked with me as a consultant numerous times. He, and his family know the gardening business as well as this area. Robert is a class act, and a great family man with integrity that is difficult to find these days. I will continue to recommend the Teacup Gardener to anyone in this area.”

– Keith Putman -August 12, 2008

Our yard looks amazing. We worked closely with Beth and Robert to come up with a plan which we are implementing one phase at a time! We love their work!

– Anne Armstrong -August 19, 2008

Robert and his team are fantastic. They are always there when they say they will be, are personalble, trustworthy and do a fantastic job. I highly recommend the Teacup Gardener!

– Tom Truitt -August 12, 2008

We hired The Teacup Gardener to design and install a 2000 gallon outdoor pond and create a garden around this area. The outcome was wonderful. We have since referred them to several clients of ours and also given them several other smaller jobs for the properties we manage.

– Katherine McGill -July 24, 2008

I have employed Beth and Robert  – Teacup Gardener at least 3 times per year since 2005. They completed a big landscaping and retaining wall building job that turned out beautifully. At least twice a year they do a big clean up of my gardens and koi pond. They always do a professional job, communicate clearly and answer my gardening questions any time when I call.

– Belinda Leslie, Top O Woodland Bed and Breakfast -August 12, 2008

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