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Irrigation & Drainage

Irrigation and Drainage Systems

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Landscape Irrigation Systems

Teacup Gardener provides lawn and garden irrigation installation to create and maintain healthy, sustainable lawns and gardens for the sophisticated homeowner to protect the landscape investment.  Teacup Gardener began installing quality low voltage valve controlled subsurface irrigation systems in 1998, adding landscape sprinkler irrigation to our comprehensive list of outdoor environmental services.  We use only the top rated products and irrigation supplies from the top three irrigation companies; RainBird, Toro, and Hunter.  We use high quality PVC schedule 40 or schedule 200 irrigation pipe and 14 gauge wiring.  Our Irrigation expertise has evolved to include low impact, environmentally friendly drip irrigation watering systems.  We design water management solutions and erosion control solutions that are custom to the unique requirements and needs of our customers.

Effective Subsurface Drainage Systems

We can also assist you with creative and effective drainage solutions for your home and landscape.  Water accumulation in low areas in the landscape and/or against the home can be destructive and damaging to the plant materials and the foundation of the home.  We can design and install functional subsurface drainage systems to safely redirect the nuisance water away from the home and low points in the landscape and toward acceptable clean water runoff routes.  Drain solutions using one or more of the following options will make the problem go away; French drains, landscape grading, drain grate boxes, PVC and/or ADS pipe, and pop-up water outlets are an excellent solution to any drainage problem.  When we install a retaining wall we suggest drainage and water pressure solutions for retaining wall construction or post design drainage installation for existing retaining walls are another important service that we offer.

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