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Patios, Arbors and Outdoor Leisure Space

We are proud to share some recent work from this past Spring 2016. The outdoor patio project was created in the Woodland and Waverly neighborhood of Nashville.

It was another successful collaboration between Teacup GardenerHigher Ground Builders and Tennessee Tree and Shrub. Here we have created more outstanding outdoor leisure space with a Pennsylvania Ashlar stone patio without joint spacing, a 10′ high cedar arbor, and cedar box containers with caster wheels and two decorative resin containers. The box containers have been planted with ‘Winter Gem’ Boxwoods and ‘Sky Pencil’ Hollies, surrounded by ‘Emerald’ Arborvitae for evergreen enjoyment.

HASSETT--Backyard Photo #1--5-9-16HASSETT--Backyard Photo #3--5-9-16HASSETT--Backyard Photo #14--5-9-16HASSETT--Backyard Photo #23--5-9-16HASSETT--Backyard Photo #11--5-9-16HASSETT--Backyard Photo #28--5-9-16HASSETT--Backyard Photo #32--5-9-16HASSETT--Backyard Photo #40--5-9-16HASSETT--Backyard Photo #13--5-9-16HASSETT--Backyard Photo #41--5-9-16



Bass and Bluegill Pond Ecosystem

Walking down to the big pond in Woodlawn TN in April, 2016. The 7′ deep and 12,000 sq. ft. area, bass and bluegill pond was completed in Oct 2014. It is a great example of an aquatic ecosystem designed with the help of Mother Nature to keep the water clean and healthy for both the flora and the fauna. This took the better part of the Summer of 2014. The best news is that it passed the one year guarantee last October with an A+. It is naturally filtered with a bog filter with stones and plant roots for the natural filtration and it all came together within 2015 to form a healthy, functioning pond ecosystem. Click on image for full photograph.














springtime by jeremy hendrickson

springtime by jeremy hendrickson

Crocus (English plural: crocuses or croci) is a genus of flowering plants in the iris family comprising 90 species of perennialsgrowing from corms. Many are cultivated for their flowers appearing in autumn, winter, or spring. Crocuses are native to woodland, scrub, and meadows from sea level to alpine tundra in central and southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, on the islands of the Aegean, and across Central Asia to Xinjiang Province in western China From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ponds and Ecosystems

The still places where land meets water are incredibly vibrant and amazing ecosystems that we owe so much to our existence.

Photo Credits: DANIEL CASSON
Sheffield, UK 1Pond 2Pond 3Pond 4Pond 5Pond 6

Grapes in the Garden

This year, we began taking care of a garden with grape vines. Late last winter, we pruned the vines hard and trained them along layered horizontal wires and fertilized with organic Espoma products, Plant Tone and Green Sand. It has been a magnificent year for grapes!grapes IMG_4281 IMG_4282 IMG_4283

UT Knoxville Roses


Our young man, Makai Edwards, is studying horticulture at the University of Tennessee and is currently the Beall Family Rose Garden intern. Makai took these photos yesterday. Proud parents. 🙂

“The Beall Family Rose Garden is the largest public rose garden in East Tennessee. The garden features two Tennessee sandstone waterfalls cascading into Japanese koi ponds and more than 100 rose varieties ranging from disease-resistant shrub types to the latest hybrid-tea introductions. A 22-foot gazebo adds a special venue to the UT Gardens for holding weddings, receptions or other events.


“The Beall Family Rose Garden is a significant addition to the UT Gardens in Knoxville providing unique opportunities for education, student training, and horticulture research. The endowed garden ensures perpetual funding for student internships and training as well as support for maintenance of garden structures. This wonderful gift to the gardens not only benefits the university but the Knoxville community and surrounding region. I’m proud that we can host a beautiful and educational rose garden that the general public can visit and enjoy,” says Sue Hamilton, UT Gardens director.


The Beall family established the rose garden in honor of their loving wife and mother, Mary Anne Beall. The Bealls are known throughout the area for their kindness and generosity. They share a passion for roses and hope their gift will inspire students, gardeners and visitors to the garden.”

Container Garden Ideas

Some awesome container garden ideas from a selection of picks from Tumblr. Enjoy!Container Gardens 12Container Gardens 11Container Gardens 10Container Gardens 9Container Gardens 8Container Gardens 7Container Gardens 6Container Gardens 5Container Gardens 4Container Gardens 3Container Gardens 2Container Gardens 1

Fountain Makeover


The almost 60 degree weather was perfect today in Woodlawn TN. My son, Keone and two of our closest friends and I cleaned up and revamped a fountain. An existing rubber lined fountain basin within a raised perennial garden was in need of a makeover so we installed new filtration and a 1200 gph pump. We then constructed a simple fountain using a paver supported crab orchard pink and tan cut stone cap with a 1″ hole drilled in the center. Next, three butterfly koi and a single lotus in one corner as soon as the weather breaks.


When Autumn’s Here, Mums The Word

Pretty Garden ? Mums

Pretty Garden ? Mums

There is no better way to keep that lovely daisy flower in the garden all season long than to have a few Chrysanthemums in the garden. In cultivation since 1000 B.C., it seems like humans really like these flowers. They have many cousins in the botanical world and have been used as food and medicine.

In the garden, be sure to purchase hardy mums that are available in the fall, especially if your goal is to fill a seasonal space in the flower border with something more permanent. Florist mums that are selected for flower color and size may not be grown on hardy root stocks. They may not re bloom the same color and they may not tolerate cold weather. Set mums in the soil deep as they are usually added late in the growing season and this will help prevent frost heaving.

The official flower in Japan since 910, mums are often depicted in
Japanese art. The plants and flowers are extremely versatile for gardeners. They work well in the garden as annual color, make great flower arrangements, and add interesting color and flavor to autumn salads. Every garden has space for one or two.

New American Garden Style from OvS


Oehme, van Sweden & Associates (OvS) is a Washington, D.C. based landscape architecture firm known for their designs for memorials, parks, public gardens, universities, and private buildings in the eastern United States. The firm helped popularize the “New American Garden” style, which included increased use of ornamental grasses in landscapes. The Form is named after the founders Wolfgang Oehme and James van Sweden. Notable projects include the landscape architecture for the Federal ReserveWorld War II Memorial, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and the Friendship Garden of the U.S. National Arboretum inWashington, D.C.North Point Park (Cambridge, Massachusetts); the Alderman Library Quadrangle at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA; and the Azalea Garden of the New York Botanical Garden

We first learned of them and were impressed with their gardens when James van Sweden spoke at a Perennial Plant Conference at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum of Art  when Beth was a horticulturist there back in 1990. They became known for a revolutionary landscape and garden look now known as a New American Garden style based on the art of Hans Hoffman and Helen Frankenthaler. Wolfgang Oehme died Dec. 15, 2011 in Towson, Md. He was 81.

Learn what inspired Wolfgang Oehme and James van Sweden with theses videos.